My name is John Hansen. I am married to Ann Hansen, and together we have three amazing kids – Toby (12), Noah (10), and Shiloh (7). I have the privilege of serving as the lead pastor of Centerpoint Church in Murrieta, CA. Ann and I came to our church in December of 2003. The congregation of 65 people welcomed us with faith. Eleven years later, we are celebrating a year in which more than 500 people have started their life of faith in our church! Each weekend nearly 2,400 people gather for our four worship services – and I am passionate about helping each one to truly encounter God, build real community in Christ, find a place to engage in helping others in the church community, and then influence the community at large – an the world – with the love of Christ!

When I’ve got some free time – I love to go paragliding (I’m a P-3 pilot if that means anything to you!), go snowboarding, go hiking, do some camping, or build something. I’ve spent time living overseas (China for a couple years, Switzerland for half a year, Mexico for half a year, Scotland for a while, etc.) so cross-cultural engagement and adventure is something else I love. In addition, I love making music. I’m a guitar and piano guy – and I love to worship!

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