November 2022 – Elections Have Consequences

This is how I am voting – and why: Elections have consequences. In these 2022 midterm elections, there are many propositions – and I want to record how I am voting, and why. I also want to list the people I am voting for, and in some cases, why. I am sharing my record as a way of offering insight to anyone who is wondering about this election cycle. I am also sharing this record as a list of people and propositions to truly pray over! I’ll admit – the Judicial section regarding the various judges is difficult to discern – as I do not have much insight into these individuals. But I will be praying for each by name, as they step further into our system of justice, that good may come of their work, and not ill!  STATE:  GOVERNOR: BRIAN DAHLE (R) YES! -fiscal conservative; lower taxes;  LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR: ANGELA E. UNDERWOOD JACOBS (R) yes -fiscal conservative SECRETARY OF STATE: ROB BERNOSKY (R) YES -election process clarity; fiscal conservative; law and order; education CONTROLLER: LANHEE J. CHEN (R) YES -fiscal conservative; fraud prevention; accountability TREASURER: JACK M. GUERRERO (R) YES -fiscal conservative; balance budget, lower taxes; proud Hispanic … Read more